Not sure if it’s just my app, but this looks as if it might have been truncated at “crisis at the border”?

Re “You have the person whose great-grandmother came from Argentina, but has never visited Latin America, and does not speak Spanish, lumped into the exact same category as a Guatemalan who just crossed the U.S. border.”

Yes. And the former is now encouraged to embrace their “diversity,” call themselves “Latinx” and claim scholarships, admissions slots, or job offers, despite perhaps not really needing the help.

Our efforts at promoting diversity should move beyond these ethnic labels and focus more on the individuals -- especially their social class, which might even identify some disadvantaged “white” people as needing some help or opportunities.

But as to the main point: I agree -- labels or names should come organically from the groups themselves. I’d gladly change what I call “Latino / Latina” people ten more times, if the request came from people themselves expressing a preferences.

But the Latinx thing is an elite contrived invention, just another shibboleth to determine whether one is in the select club of people who know the very latest things.

Unfortunately, knowing the very latest things is completely divorced from any real-world efforts to help people, regardless of the labels you paste on them.

The left needs to reassess what exactly it values. Trappings, labels, appearances, tests? Or actions?

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Really? [ !! ]

I just spent 15 minutes trying to find a way to finish one article. Suggestion: think up a subscription model that does more than repeat the fallacy that only rich read people think & read. I’m a senior, I’ve spent the past 4 years giving my 98-year-old mother end of life care, while also trying to recover from my own life threatening illnesses. And you’re demanding $5 monthly, to finish reading the first article I’ve ever read in your pub?

Talk about class divide. You might have succeeded in committing a new subscriber, instead you’ve ticked me off. Your Commitment Crew needs to invent a better idea….

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Most obviously, this term is artificial, difficult to pronounce and, most importantly bestowed by a domineering, detached and wrong-minded elite. Sound a bit like the very process woke seeks to destroy.

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This was essentially obvious. Why does something so patronizing need to be contested? Changing language does not change reality or endow power. That takes time, hard work and the test of usage. This is, to put it frankly, a bummer.

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This was refreshing and much needed in our social discourse. Being a product of the mid-70s, I remember being told I was Hispanic, then Chicano came around the corner in the 80s only to be replaced with Tejano - because real Chicanos came from Califas. By high school in the 90s, I was an American of Mexican ancestry. That must’ve been too much of a mouthful so Latino took over in the 2000s. Ten minutes later, I’m now Latinx and feel like a newly initiated member of the NOI complete with my own ‘x’ to mark the spot. Can’t wait to see what’s down the pike in a few more years. 🤔

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It give something for the Leftwaffe, feminazis, academia and woke to endlessly discuss and argue about.

Previously, it was how many angels will fit on the head of a pin.

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